21 October 2013

IDM integration in chrome

The IDM extension given by some older versions of IDM(Internet Download Manager)  for chrome is reported malicious many times and chrome removes it.

The only remedy is to upgrade to the latest version but what if one does not want to update the IDM just for any reason....Then this method is helpful for them

(1. First of all download this file. IDMGCExt.rar

(2.Extract the downloaded .rar file.

(3.Now go to your C drive and find the installation folder of IDM.
       (note: by default for  win7 32 bit it is in C:\programfiles 
                                       win7 64 bit it is in C:\programfiles(x86) )

(4.Now copy the extracted folder into the above directory(i.e internet download manager installation folder).

(5.Now open chrome go to the extension option and select the box where it is written developer mode.you will get some new options below then select Load unpacked Extension and browse to the folder which we had copied into internet download manager installation folder.Select the folder and click ok.

(6. Restart chrome and voila....your extension would start to work.

Note: The extension which u will get would not work for youtube i am trying to do that when i will succeed i will soon post it.

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