21 October 2013

Microwave Engineering labs

This post contains all the lab practicals being carried out for Microwave Engineering subject for GTU(Gujarat Technological University).

Direct download link for all practicals combined is given at the bottom.

Experiment 1 Introduction to microwave bench.

Experiment 2 To find the attenuation of transmission line with different lengths.

Experiment 3 Observe the signal output of the microwave bench with Gunn Oscillator,and measure the frequency with slotted section and frequency meter.

Experiment 4 Measurement of VSWR using different methods.

Experiment 5 To study the E plane, H plane & magic Tee junctions.

Experiment 6 To study directional couplers.

Experiment 7 To measure insertion loss and isolation of three port Circulator.

Experiment 8 Study characteristics of Klystron.

Experiment 9 To generate standing Wave of lossy and lossless line using MATLAB.

Experiment 10 To find cutoff frequencies for TE and TM modes using MATLAB.

Experiment 11 To study characteristics of E and H-plane tee using MATLAB.

Direct download link for all experiments combined

                                                          Experiment 1-11

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