13 February 2014

Optical Fiber Communication labs

This post contains all the lab practicals being carried out for Optical Fiber Communication subject for GTU(Gujarat Technological University).

Direct download link for all practicals combined is given at the bottom.

EXPERIMENT-1 (a.To study different blocks of kit ST-2501 optics trainer kit.
                        (b.To study Intensity modulation technique using Analog input signal. 
                        (c.To study Intensity modulation technique using Digital input signal.

EXPERIMENT-2 (a.Introduction to Matlab GUI.
                        (b.To design a critical angle calculator.

EXPERIMENT-3 To design GUI for Numerical Aperature calculator.

EXPERIMENT-4 To design a GUI which plot core to cladding refractive index variation.

EXPERIMENT-5 To design GUI for relative refractive index difference calculator.

EXPERIMENT-6 To design GUI to calculate the acceptance angle of fiber.

EXPERIMENT-7 To design GUI to calculate number of modes for step index and graded index                                fiber.

EXPERIMENT-8 To design GUI to calculate Quantum efficiencies of LED.

EXPERIMENT-9 To design GUI to calculate scattering loss coefficient.

EXPERIMENT-10 To design GUI to calculate core-cladding losses.

Direct download link for all experiments combined

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