13 February 2014

Wireless Communication Labs

This post contains all the lab practicals being carried out for Wireless Communication subject for GTU(Gujarat Technological University).

Direct download link for all practicals combined is given at the bottom.

EXPERIMENT 1 To verify AT commands and introduction to GSM trainer kit ST-2133.

EXPERIMENT 2 To find the value of signal to noise ratio with different distance at different value of N. And plot the result using MATLAB Toolbar.

EXPERIMENT 3 To study Erlang B formula using MATLAB .

EXPERIMENT 4 To study Erlang C formula using MATLAB .

EXPERIMENT 5 To study Rayleigh fading with AWGN and get plot of Eb/ No Vs BER .

EXPERIMENT 6 To find and plot Bit Error rate of QPSK using MATLAB .

EXPERIMENT 7 Simulation of CDMA on the basis of given PN sequence in MATLAB .

EXPERIMENT 8 To study FDMA using trainer kit ST-2211.

EXPERIMENT 9 To find and plot Bit Error rate of OFDM using MATLAB .

EXPERIMENT 10 To implement the MMSE algorithm for 2 x 2 MIMO system .

Direct download link for all experiments combined

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