5 June 2014

Integrated Circuits and Applications (ICA) Labs

This post contains all the lab practicals being carried out for Integrated Circuits and Applications (ICA) subject for GTU(Gujarat Technological University).

Direct download link for all practicals combined is given at the bottom.

Experiment 1 To study op-amp as Inverting, Non-Inverting amplifier circuit.

Experiment 2 To form inverting and non-inverting adder and subtractor using OPAMP IC741.

Experiment 3 (a. To configure op-amp in voltage follower and to measure slew rate
                    (b. To measure PSRR and CMRR of given op-amp.

Experiment 4 To study ideal integrator and differentiator using OPAMP IC741.

Experiment 5 To form Schmitt trigger using Op-Amp.

Experiment 6 To form a first and second order low pass butterworth filter.

Experiment 7 To design mono stable and astable multi-vibrators using 555 timer IC.

Experiment 8 To study about Butterworth 2nd order high pass,low pass, band pass filters.

Experiment 9 To study about phase shift oscillator & show wave forms measure its frequency.

Experiment 10 To design friend deliyannis band pass filter, construct the same on bread board & take necessary measurements.

Direct download link for all experiments combined

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