24 January 2015

Electronics Measurements & Instrumentation Laboratory(EMI) Labs

This post contains all the lab practicals being carried out for Integrated Circuits and Applications (ICA) subject for GTU(Gujarat Technological University).

Direct download link for all practicals combined is given at the bottom.

Experiment 1 To form inverting and non-inverting adder using OPAMP IC741.

Experiment 2 To generate square wave using OPAMP IC741.

Experiment 3 To Study the potentiometer as an error detector. 

Experiment 4 To detect the value of unknown resistor using wheatstone bridge. 

Experiment 5 To study and verify characteristic of linearly variable differential                                                  transformer(LVDT).

Experiment 6 To study the inductive transducer.

Experiment 7  To study load cell.

Experiment 8  A Short Introduction to SCILAB.

Experiment 9  Introduction to image processing toolbox in SCILAB.

Direct download link for all experiments combined

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